Fiber Optics, Silk Screen, Wood and Acrylics




On the Shore

First piece from the new series exploring silk screening, fiber optics and light-sculpting.






The text-based installation was conceived by the Toronto based collective Blue Republic and commissioned by Luminato. The spaces of Brookfield Place Galleria and departure areas of the Pearson Airport were transformed when large scale text was installed on the walls and floors of these spaces. As a result the architectural elements were re-imagined as text paintings and mazes.  Kira worked closely with the team of producers and artists to realize the project into life.  




Air Pressure

Air Pressure was a multiple location art installation that was commissioned to celebrate Earth Week 2012. This kinetic installation consisted of 200 inflatable bird sculptures. Each individual sculpture was gently inflated and deflated by an attached fan, making the winds flap up and down in a rhythmic animation. We were part of a talented team of producers and artists under the guidance of Studio F Minus. More about the project on Studio F Minus website.    


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The latest fiber optic sculpture.




The Bride

The Bride is a part of a collection of fiber optic sculptures which investigates various representations of the human body and inventively readapts optical fiber into an art medium.

An image is created by manipulating a glowing optical cable and by “drawing” with three-dimensional loops. However, in order to fully comprehend and recognize it one has to stand “face to face” to the piece since the outlines change as one moves around the sculpture.

Our Boogie Chandelier is part of IDS Prototype Exhibition! Come and see our work from 26 to 29 of January!





Show OFF at the Junction

Studio 1:1 paired with the Eclectic Revival to create a reflective window installation. "Deflect" not only compliments the shop’s extraordinary collection of lighting fixtures but also brings a new magical dimension to the store’s window.




The Russian Villa Completed!

The Russian Villa has been completed! The curvy mood of French Provence is what turns the living space into a cozy and warm environment.



Festival Mode et Design 2011

White-Room is currently open for visit at Festival Mode et Design in Montreal! The show runs from August 3rd until August 6th, 2011 so if your in town, come check it out! Festival's at the corner of McGill College and Ste-Catherine.

More photos to come...




De-Spaced is at Whitby Station Gallery

Our De-Spaced installation is part of Unstationary Station show at Whitby Station Gallery. It will be running until September 3, 2011! With great support from Ontario Arts Council!



The Buddhist Kichen

We provide affordable and tasteful design that can be easily achieved with time management and careful research. We specialize in residential renovations as well as new architectural projects with edgy rigor. We will lead your project from the drawing board to full fruition. Check out the recently completed Buddhist Kitchen! 












The Boogie Chandelier #2

We are proud to present another fixture from our Boogie light series.


The Artist Project 2011

Line-up to the booth where we had a busy weekend. Check our project page for videos soon.

The Boogie Chandelier #1

We have released our new creation. The art piece... The light fixture... The dainty delight to the eye... Go to our project page for more info.


The Artist Project, March 3-6, 2011

We are participating in The Artist Project Toronto. See our profile here. Come check out the show!


Come Up To My Room 2011

It only took 5000 meters of fiber optic cable and a lot of patience to complete this interactive yet sculptural piece. In the end it all came together into a playful and responsive organism which was enjoyed by people and children alike. Thank you all for your support and check our project for more info.



De-spaced, CUTMR 2011, Toronto


Architecture in Development

Several design projects have been maturing in our minds. These residential projects are creative experiments in working with different styles, scales and... national peculiarities. We'll keep updating to show development and progress of these designs.

The Kitchen

Interior design of a typical North York kitchen is transformed by a combination of an over-the-counter cabinetry with bold lines of custom made wood.

The Kitchen, North York

The Russian Villa

The interior of the Russian villa is done in a French Provence style where predominant glow of wood and stone is complimented by soft lines of furniture. Eclectic collection of furnishings, antiques and fixtures creates the warmth of the French countryside.

The Russian Villa., Russia


Come Up To My Room 2011

We are participating again... See our profile here http://comeuptomyroom.com/studio-11/


Junction Arts Festival, 2010

UPDATE! Big thanks everyone who came out to the Junction Arts Festival this past weekend! We got lots of great comments and criticisms about our piece from all ages. It was lots of fun to hear what people thought about it. We have some pictures up on our projects page so go check it out!

We are participating in this year's Junction Arts Festival which takes place from September 8 to 12th and is meant to transform the young and versatile neighborhood of The Junction into an art festival.



C.S. Through..., Junction Arts Festival


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