Kometa is a new light sculpture that uses fiber optics to make a moving image. Watch how it moves here.


On The Shore

This first attempt to connect two mediums of printed graphics and three dimensional light-sculpting together.


The Bride

The second iteration of the fiber optic portrait series.

The portrait is made by weaving optical cables to create a three dimensional painting of light. 
This dynamic portrait can be viewed from multiple angles and lighting conditions. 







The first iteration of the fiber optic portrait series.




Girl Interrupted

Girl Interrupted is the third iteration in the Fiber Optic Series. It attempts to capture the moment in time by depicting two timeframes - "before" and "after". It is meant to be a non-static interpretation of a momentous instant.  





The Woman in Red Stockings




The Woman in Red Stockings

The Woman in Red Stockings is the second iteration in the Fiber Optic Series. This series depicts the beauty of the human body through the skillful manipulation of optical cables. The sculpting of cable's fluid forms is achieved through the use of tension and compression forces of the attached fishing line. The image of the woman comes alive as the light is diminished. 


The Hands of Light

A first art piece in a new collection of multimedia paintings that uses light as a sculpting material and creates images with fiber optic cables.

The Grand Trunk, April 2010

The Grand Trunk took place at the historic Gladstone Hotel in April, 2010, curated by Casey Hinton . The exhibition featured ten artists responding to themes of memory, nostalgia and history. Each artist was given a suitcase and an artifact, the combination of which inspired numerous interpretations of the collective memory of a shared space and the blurring of fact and fiction that takes place in the process of remembering.


Forgotten Paragraphs for The Grand Trunk Exhibition, 2010




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