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Deflect for Showoff

It was the first year of Showoff, but already its potential as a local Nuit Blanch is recognized. Numerous designers and store owners paired up to create new and exciting art works that are meant to inspire and  draw in buyers and spectators. Studio 1:1 was honoured to participate in this new local venture. We are presenting an installation that is alive and interrelated with the surrounding urban environment.

© 2011 Sebastein Roy


The White Room for Montreal Festival of Fashion and Design

The White Room is a container which houses a grid of found old TV sets and is meant to act as a portal into another world. This world is saturated with endless technological images of static that transforms the physical environment. The static is formed into an unbreakable and inaccessible surface which in turn threatens the human body. The coldness of the spaces, its lifeless life is a mockery on contemporary technological dependence and unquestionable acceptance. The installation also questions our perception of architectural environment as a space formed by physical boundaries

The Artist Project 2011

De-spaced was up and running for a second time this year along Installation Alley at the Artist Project 2011 in Toronto.

If you didn't get a chance to see the installation, there are some videos below you can view.

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Please visit the link for Okeanos, the App we were so lucky to come by and use for this project.



Come Up To My Room 2011

The project was first conceived as a tool that attempts to bring public awareness to the increasing influence of communication technology in everyday life. We all take technology as a reliable source of information and convenient commodity, rarely questioning its means of distribution or source. What actually happens behind the screen or within a pixel is known to a few with the rest of us either indifferent or simply unable to imagine the means by which digital technology exists. Additionally, with the rapid evolution of communication technology and its increasing use in everyday households it is people’s perception of architectural spaces that is fundamentally altered. Digital information becomes a powerful instrument that displaces and breaks down the classical notion of inhabiting spaces.

The ungraspable amount of people that visited CUTMR this year, their adventurous minds and courage in front of darkness made this installation light up numerously with lights and sounds. Room 205 was a dark space with thousands of tiny lights embracing the ceiling. Besides, it was a room where one had the ability to change his/her own environment by using a simple piece of technology – an I-touch (and an OKEANOS app that you can find here). You would have had fun if you came up to our room...








© 2011 Celine Kim Photography

© 2011 Agata Piskunowicz

© 2011 Agata Piskunowicz

De-spaced for CUTMR, 2011


The Junction Arts Festival, September 2010

Studio 1:1 was approached to create a sculpture for the annual Junction Arts Festival. The piece, C.S. Through..., was created as an exploration into the macro world of a plant's cell structure. What is behind the space of an image of a cell? The piece was displayed at a number of locations along the festival grounds until it finally found the perfect home under the protection of a number of trees.


C.S. Through... for The Junction Arts Festival, 2010


A Piece of the Pi, February 2010

A Piece of the Pi is a public installation that acts as a filter for deconstructing perception. Paper tubes of various diameters are placed at different depths to pixalate and interrupt the peripheral view of the observer. The viewer is encouraged to view the work from both sides and to interact with the piece by moving in order to see what is beyond. The work acts not only as a filter that creates a broken perspective, but also as a topographical wallscape.

A Piece of the Pi was originally conceived as a public installation for Come Up to My Room 2010. It received many encouraging reviews which allowed us to exhibit it in a new configuration at Snowball Gallery in March 2010 as part of the exhibition PERSPECTIVES. This was followed by a temporary exhibition at 2968 Dundas Street West.


A Piece of the Pi, 2010




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