The Night Light

Our new fiber optic night light features an innovative low cost alternative to the old incandescent and unimaginative night lights. This one will add style and create intimate and playful mood to any space at home or work.


The Boogie Chandelier #2

We continue to work on our optical fibre fixture series. The Boogie Light # 2 utilized the same principles as our first creation, yet it pushes the boundaries of a light as sculpture.  The infinite loops of glowing cables make this creation a one of a kind feature light by night and a work of art at daytime. Needless to say, The Boogie Chandelier challenges the old fashioned notion of a crystal chandelier…  


The Boogie Chandelier #1

Numerous fiber optics are woven into a reflective surface to compose infinite loops of light. Having neither the beginning nor end the fixture threads between two realms.    

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